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Consciousness: The Organizing Principle of the Universe (Part 1)

Lorna Green


Consciousness has appeared as a term, and a problem, in modern science.  Most scientists believe that it can be accommodated, and explained, by existing scientific principles.  But I say that it cannot, that Consciousness points completely beyond present-day science to a whole new view of the Universe, where Consciousness, and not matter, or matter/energy, is the true basis for the Universe, and the right fundamental term, for science, all other disciplines as well, and for civilization itself. And this new term Consciousness, opens directly into the basic term of all religions, Spirit, as simply Infinite Consciousness.  And so, for the first time in their long and bitter and antagonistic history, science and religion now share a common base.

Part 1 of this two-part article includes: Introduction; 1. The prevailing Universe picture; 2. The problem of Consciousness; 3. The problem with modern science; 4. The near-death experience, and what it really means; 5. Modern theories of Consciousness refuted; 6. New Copernican Revolution; 7. Where Did Science Miss It and Why? 8. The Consciousness Universe, the Consciousness Paradigm.

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ISSN: 2153-8212