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Mind over Matter: Science of Spirituality, Wellbeing & Creativity

Narendra D. Sharma


This article presents some scientific and spiritual thoughts analysing how ‘mind’ is the most important entity which not only controls the ‘biology’ of an individual but also the overall ‘health’, ‘wellbeing’, and ‘creativity’ in all domains of one’s life, and hence the ‘destiny’ of an individual. Mind and matter are really not two different entities as thought of by René Descartes. Therefore, if one is able to direct one’s mind with belief, intentions and determination, one could not only be able to lead a happy, healthy and contented life, but will be able to utilise one’s potential to the fullest extent, be creative and most useful to the society, nation and humanity at large. Every atom, molecule, cell, tissue, and system of the human body functions at a level of 'energetic coherence' equal to intentional or unintentional (conscious & unconscious) state of being of an individual. The important role of the environment around us in this entire mechanism is being examined. Humans could not be viewed through deterministic Newtonian model of biology based on linearity and predictability, because humans are not machines. Our ‘mind’ is a quantum mind and we live in a quantum universe. In the quantum world, the linear, predictable characteristics of Newtonian world do not exist. Things interact in a very holistic co-operative manner. Mind over matter is a quantum reality. The concept of reverse entropy is being examined in this process. It is postulated that the Consciousness is the key factor influencing the entire mechanism.

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