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The CHI Model of Functional Consciousness

Armand F. Lewis, Kyle A. Lewis


A model delineating the specific functional aspects of consciousness is presented in terms of humankind’s operational behavior. The interpretation’s premise is that functionally conscious humans are always in a mode directed toward accomplishing a self-serving goal. These functional aspects of human consciousness are described in terms of three brain/mind/body activities: (1) Creative thought (Creaton), (2) Human body action (Humanoid) and (3) Implementation, goal driven operations (Impler). The Humanoid level is the most basic form of functional consciousness. The Impler level combines the mind with Humanoid operations to coordinate and accomplish the goal-oriented task. The Creaton mode operates only when the mind encounters unknown regions of knowledge or understanding; searching for solutions to unsolved problems. Examples of CHI human behavior are illustrated revealing the broad scope of the functional parts of consciousness. The CHI model’s potential for providing definition and guidance to the field of artificial intelligence is discussed.

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ISSN: 2153-8212