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Could RNA & Protein Methylation of RNA Be Involved with the Expression of Molecular Emotions?

Matti Pitkanen


The recent finding that synaptic connections involve more methyl marks of RNA than other parts of neurons and that the RNA marks tend to associate with genes coding for proteins associated with synapses provides support for TGD based view that emotions are realized in terms of what I call bio-harmony for the dark analogs of basic biomolecules (DNA, RNA, tRNA, amino-acids) and that these emotions are expressed as modifications of the basic biomolecules. The emotional states would have epigenetic effects changing the gene expression and inducing learning as modification of synapses in turn modifying the behavior. This picture provides also a mechanism for the inheritance of epigenetic modifications: What would be inherited would be emotional states represented in terms of bio-harmonies at the level of magnetic body carrying dark protons.

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