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Chit - The Original Principle: Towards a More Comprehensive Theory of Everything

Breena E. Coates


This exploratory paper argues that Chit (Consciousness) is the fundamental cause of the universe. It creates and contains everything.  There is nothing outside of it.  How do we know this, since Chit is unobservable by human minds with existing scientific tools?   In this paper it is argued that over the ages brilliant philosophers and scientists from Eastern and Western traditions have used the tools of intellectual intuition, one-pointed concentration, and faith, to come to an approximate understanding about the nature of Chit.  The core of these explanations have remarkable consistency and reliability. Arguments made over 5,000 years ago to modern times are examined. The paper further argues that a theory of “everything” must be considered from multiple disciplinary worldviews, not just by science alone.   A conclusion can be made that the more comprehensive “theory of everything” that modern scientists find elusive, has already been offered time and again in human history.

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ISSN: 2153-8212