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Universe: Unified Field of Cosmic Consciousness

Narendra D. Sharma


In this article, the author first discusses the evolution of universe, and the four known forces the unification of which is deliberated with Hawking’s view that physicist’s traditional expectation of single theory of nature is untenable. The author also discusses Higgs field, Higgs particle and Higgs effect elaborating the discovery of so called Higgs boson announced by CERN, and its consequent celebrations, citing the limitations thereof. The author then discusses the “Principle of Existence” theorized & mathematically formulated by Hu and Wu. The Principle states that Consciousness is Prespacetime, is omnipotent, omnipresent & omniscient Being, and is One. Consciousness creates, sustains and causes evolution of all primordial entities. These ideas resonate well with the Eastern philosophical, spiritual, scriptural Vedic & Upanishadic thoughts. This theory explains all physical phenomena beautifully. The theory also corresponds well even with ‘karmic theory’, believed in the philosophy of Hinduism from time immemorial, explained so elegantly in the scripture called, Geetopdesham, thus indicating that thoughts of eastern sages were not only philosophical but so very scientific. Next, Tesla’s theory of “torsion waves” proposed in late 19th century is explored. In Tesla’s theory, information/thought propagates at a velocity of several billion times the velocity of light, is beyond spacetime, and not following the Einstein’s theory of relativity propounded more than a decade later. These entire phenomena occur in the “Field of Consciousness”. Further, Some thoughts from the work of Penrose are presented. The ideas of Penrose on quantum origins of consciousness also appear to be in agreement to a reasonable extent with the concepts discussed in Vedic & Upanishadic literature of Eastern world. Also, as discussed in detail by Hagelin, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi proposed that the unified field of Consciousness is the foundation of conscious experience, and this thought has prompted him to consider the proposal that this unified field of Consciousness and the unified field of modern theoretical physics could probably be identical, so as to provide a possible framework for a completely unified understanding of both objective and subjective existence. Finally, the author concludes that Consciousness is not only prespacetime scientifically but the Universe itself is a Unified Field of Cosmic Consciousness.

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