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Space, Time, & Consciousness (Part 1): Introduction, Overview & Acknowledgments

Jack H. Hiller


In this series of articles, I explore near death experience (“NDE”) and present a self-consistent and coherent body of theory about the nature of the world. In reading over the many NDE accounts for background information relevant to theory construction, I eventually realized that I was discovering a dimension of human existence of common human interest far higher than topics generated by conventional philosophy, physics and psychology. The experience reported about after a soul leaves the body is transcendent over life on Earth with its physical pleasures and pains, ego oriented successes and failures, joys from friendships formed, and heart crushing loss of friends and family to permanent death. Instead of the common belief that life arrives here as a transient affair by birth from out of a void, followed by a death forever ending such a random flicker, the picture formed from the NDE/OBE was dramatically different. Individual life only "appears" to be ephemeral.  In reality, the soul has been formed within a timeless domain to live for eternity, with its Earth lives providing for adventures into a dangerous “game” ended by death, but providing for excitement, fun, and the sharing of love along the way.

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