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Space, Time, & Consciousness (Part 11): A Theory of Knowledge - The Transcendental and the Mundane

Jack H. Hiller


Knowledge is analyzed to fit two main classifications: 1) the Transcendental idealized forms as described by Plato, and 2) the mundane experiences generated by the body/brain living in the material world. Knowledge of each of the two types is examined for how it is acquired (from the 2nd Domain) or learned by sense-perception experienced in the 3rd Domain. Knowledge learned through life in the 3rd Domain is unreliable because of imperfections in our sense-perception mechanisms, and because memory storage and retrieval are prone to intervening learning distortions and aging processes. By contrast, knowledge acquired directly from or while in the 2nd Domain is perfectly accurate and not subjected to any aging process because time does not run in the 2nd Domain.

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