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Solving the “Hard Problem”: Consciousness is an Electronic Phenomenon

Bradley Y. Bartholomew


This paper is a reply to a paper “Solving the ‘Hard Problem’: Consciousness is an Intrinsic Property of Magnetic Fields”. It is argued that this paper is essentially correct because it specifically nominates magnetite crystals (Biogenic Magnetic Nanoparticles BMNPs) as the source of magnetic phenomena in the brain and specifically founds this theory on Maxwell’s electromagnetic equations. However the paper fails to arrive at the logical conclusion that consciousness is generated by electronics, that the brain is an electronic device, and that the brains of all living creatures are connected electronic devices. In the paper under reply, the description of electromagnetic processes in the brain (in particular the interaction of magnetic and electric flux) comes across as vague and inadequate. In addition the paper makes certain claims to have solved some of the ‘big questions’ in life such as “mind-body” dualism and solipsism which appear to be logically and philosophically invalid, and Schrödinger’s famous question “What is Life?” and Gödel’s theorem would need to be addressed in any paper that purports to solve the “hard problem”.

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