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Consciousness As a Phenomenon of Memory

Henry Grynnsten


Consciousness has been a mystery for thousands of years. The idea behind this article is that consciousness can be explained by way of the phenomenon of déjà vu. This state seems to come about when a synchronization error appears in sense signals going to the brain. From déjà vu, where there seems to be a memory of the present moment, one can work out that consciousness is a function of memory. Data from the senses are separate, while we see the world as a total experience. This means that the data are bound together in some way. Human consciousness can be explained as a phenomenon that arises when sense data are repeated at a short interval in the brain. The reason that humans have consciousness may have to do with language learning. Consciousness possibly appeared simultaneously with language, in a short span of time, and it is consciousness that makes human language possible. There was such a great advantage to using language, that all Homo sapiens acquired it.

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