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Role of Consciousness in Evolution of Human Society

Satinder S. Malik


Almost the entire world is in competition about economic progress, amassing wealth and energy resources. Thus, development of a sixth sense of humanity, common sense, to a certain level is required in order to change the direction of human society. The development of sixth sense lies in control of five senses. Suffering in life is also universal. In the causes of human suffering, lack of money has not been listed, and it is a matter of surprise that the world is busy uplifting human suffering by making economic progress. We inherit the planet and are blessed in the bountiful nature that needs to be preserved.  Nature plays an unbiased role irrespective of faith or belief. Raising personal ethical standard also help the surroundings and social groups. The character of any group is as good as the vector sum total of characters of all the participants’ combined. Therefore, tweaking of capitalisms characteristic is extremely important and that can be achieved by uplifting ethical standards to remove its suffering and ensure progress of human race.

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ISSN: 2153-8212