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The Solution to a Deadlocked Conflict Is a Leap to a More Global Level – Logical Fields and the Dynamics of Change

Chris H. Hardy


The point of this paper is to explore the dynamics of the thinking process, especially the nonrational, analogical, and systemic aspects of natural thinking that create an interdependence between our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. There is an extreme diversity in the way humans think, despite the existence of patterns of thought or Logical Fields, that feed individual and collective mental models. The Logical Fields Model based on systems theory, provides an evolutionary and dynamical formalization that accounts for both the patterns of thought and their exquisite diversity. It is applied here to the understanding and strategic resolution of the spiral of Hate-Violence in ethno-political conflicts. The model proposes that a deadlocked conflict can only be broken by creating a conceptual model and organization at a higher, more encompassing level: in brief, by creating a meta-logfield. Then the democratic vision, as a shared planetary cooperation for the well-being of the variegated peoples of Earth and the planet (as opposed to special interests groups and lobbies) and the problem of accountability will be discussed.

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ISSN: 2153-8212