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Shifting Paradigms

Gregory L. Matloff, Roman Ya. Kezerashvili


A scientific paradigm is defined as a framework of basic assumptions, methodology and ways of thinking that is commonly accepted by members of a scientific discipline. One such paradigm is the assumption that astrophysical processes can be explained by purely materialistic concepts without the need to invoke consciousness. A peer-reviewed analysis of observational data obtained by the Gaia space observatory reveals that stars in our galactic vicinity are generally much older than the Sun and that stars accelerate as they age along their trajectories of galactic revolution. The authors have recently published an investigation of possible physical mechanisms of stellar acceleration. If future research validates the stellar acceleration result, the astrophysical paradigm might shift to include the possibilities of a sentient, self-organizing Universe or the activities of a hyper-advanced galaxy-wide civilization.

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ISSN: 2153-8212