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The Origins, Nature and Constitution of Consciousness in Material Worlds

Paul C. Mocombe


This article outlines the origins, nature, and constitution of consciousness in material worlds within the general theory of phenomenological structuralism of the herein author (2016, 2019). The work highlights the equation, the Garyian consciousness wave equation, Φ = 10⁻15 eV₍₄₎ ± f (0), for individual consciousness within consciousness field theory and phenomenological structuralism of the herein author, which posits that consciousness is a fifth force of nature. Individual consciousness, from this perspective, is a resonating channel or station on the earth’s Schumann wave that is connected to the absolute vacuum, i.e., nonlocal space where all the elementary particles exist in a cosmic soup as a probability wavefunction, which transmits consciousness to the brain via an elementary particle, psychion, operating in concert with electromagnetism. From there, consciousness becomes a permanent aspect of the multiverse the informational content of which emerges from four sources, i.e., impulses or drives of the elementary particle, the physiological drives of the body and brain, structural reproduction and differentiation related to the mode of production, and the ability to defer meaning in ego-centered communicative discourse.

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