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A Preliminary Experimental Verification of Violation of Bell Enequality in a Quantum Model of Jung Theory of Personality Formulated with Clifford Algebra

Elio Conte, Orlando Todarello, Vincenza Laterza, Andrei Y. Khrennikov, Leonardo Mendolicchio, Antonio Federici


We comment some recent results obtained by using a Clifford bare bone skeleton of quantum mechanics in order to formulate the conclusion that quantum mechanics has its origin in the logic, and relates conceptual entities. Such results touch directly the basic problem about the structure of our cognitive and conceptual dynamics and thus of our mind. The problem of exploring consciousness results consequently to be strongly linked. This is the reason because studies on quantum mechanics applied to this matter are so important for neurologists and psychologists. Under this profile we present some experimental results showing violation of Bell inequality during the MBTI test in investigation of C.V. Jung’s theory of personality.

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ISSN: 2153-8212