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On the Origin of Conscious Life: The Sugar Project & the Hydro-Magnetic Catalyst

Christian F. Carlino


This work deals with the realization of an experimental model called Hydro-Magnetic Catalyst (HMC) which has allowed to provide early experimental confirmations for a new paradigm of In-Formation of matter, useful for the study of the origin of consciousness and life.

The author first tries to answer to following questions: How can self-awareness, experiential semantics, higher brain functions such as thought and memory arise from a physical system of any complexity? The results obtained with the experimental model of HMC allow one to infer the following conclusions:

(1)   The brain can be considered as a highly sophisticated system of decoding data coming from phenomenal reality (Explicated Order) and from the hidden alocal and atemporal in-formation holographic field (Implicated Order).

(2)   Consciousness and mind are considered  as the product of a process of decoding information coming from the Implicate Order among which, those concerning self-awareness, are the first to be captured and decoded.

(3)   Fractals and toroidal patterns can be the "dimensional bridge" through which the communication between the holographic matrix and the phenomenal space-time reality occurs within the brain.

(4)   The interaction between water and magnetic fields oscillating with frequency in the alpha and beta range is also fundamental for the qualitative perception of stimuli from the external environment (qualia). This perception can be measured by means of an index called Quantillium (Ql).

(5)   Neurons and neuronal networks are not the repositories of consciousness and higher brain functions. They constitute the information decoding hardware.

Secondly, the author proposes a new hypothesis about origin of life. Billions of years ago an "explosive" mixture of reducing gases, electric discharges and high-energy shock waves created the conditions for the birth of nitrogenous bases. Closed-basin, alkaline lakes hosted in mafic terrains, could have been the ideal environment for the origin of life. However, an energy source was needed that was able to allow the formation of the phosphodiester bond between nucleotides. The interaction between the water of primordial alkaline lakes and the oscillating magnetic field of the Schumann resonance could have provided the proper energy allowing the formation of the nucleotide chains. These last could then have assumed a helix or double helix conformation following the process of "in-formation" of matter through 14.1 Hz frequency (or 7 Hz subharmonic).

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