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Existential Mechanics Part II: The Big Picture; The Relation Between the Structure of Reality and What We Experience as Reality

Steven E. Kaufman


In this article both the inner orientation of emotional and mental experience, as well as the outer orientation of physical experience, are described as a function of our particular position and perspective within the fractal Structure of Reality relative to the particular level of Reality at which each of those different types of experience are created. Additionally, the Relational Structure of Reality is described as the framework that underlies our overall apprehension of mental and physical reality by relating the different levels of Reality to different fundamental aspects of what we apprehend as mental and physical reality. Also described is the relation between what is expressed in quantum physics as the wave function and the underlying Structure of Reality from which that expression is derived, including a description of what occurs within that Relational Structure to produce the event referred to as the collapse of the wave function.

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ISSN: 2153-8212