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Ethology, Evolution, Mind & Consciousness

Glen McBride


A model is presented of the mind of free living animals, expressing evolved normal behavior, and the steps between such minds and the conscious minds of people. Animals recognize each other and changes in surroundings. This requires two sources of information, from memory and the senses with a comparitor. Constantly comparing all sensory input with memories requires memories organized into maps that allow any change to be detected. Change elicits an Orienting Response, a moment of high attention, emotion, learning and decisions. Awareness involves monitoring and ORs, but living only in the present. These OR moments are stretched in emotion, hunting, interaction and exploration. They are times closest to consciousness, but memories are restricted to immediate situations. Acquiring story-telling required full access to memory models, of places, social relationships and stories, with the ability to examine these models for planning behavior and social interactions. A model is developed of relations between feelings and specialization of behavior. Attention to details is central to consciousness.


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ISSN: 2153-8212