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Singularity & Its Manifestation (Part III)

Srinivasan Rengarajan


According to Vedic thoughts, the cosmic “desire for self-expression as many” culminated in the cyclic “oscillating universe”. In this self-expression, Singularity is the controlling factor & the Universe is its controlled manifestations. Laws of Nature are the laws of singularity, the non-contingent source, the divine laws that govern the universal orbits with precision, the precise laws of the cosmos which the scientists measure with accuracy, the precise parameters of the genotype cosmic seed of the universe. Laws of the universe are the Laws of the aberrations of singularity, the laws of the phenotype tree. Contingent universe in growth/decay cycles projects the panorama & enables us to savor the same “as many”, “unity in diversity”, by “cause & effect” actions. Evolution is all about urge of the cosmic desire, the concentrate of the manifesting vitality at the head of singularity, releasing a portion of its coherent mass as its aberrations, as mass/vitality unions with the big bang for exploring new horizons in the universe. The released masses regain progressively the dislodged coherence, the singularity’s base virtue, the self-healing creativity in dispassion, during the evolution progress. That means this basic creative virtue in the masses become gradually coherent & hence the masses are drawn towards singularity by natural attraction at its base as the evolution progresses, while the depleting manifesting vitality eventually converges back again towards its head. This natural phenomenon culminates in big crunch leading to big bounce, the start of a new cycle.

Part III of this series of articles contains the following: 13. Destiny; 14. Society; 15. Dharma; 16. Validation from Modern Science; 17. Conclusions; 18. Summary: & References.

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