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Premonitions: A Global Online Statistical Tracking Study of Precognitive Predictions

J. Miguel Gaona, Francisco Colinas, Nicolas Rouleau, Lucas W. E. Tessaro, Joey M. Caswell


A number of interesting and testable theories of precognitive information transfer have been posited, and focus on the potential role of both ultraweak photon emissions and the geomagnetic field. While many experiments examining this anomalous phenomenon have been previously conducted, a precognitive study of a magnitude similar to the Premonitions project ( has not yet been undertaken to our knowledge. By using an internet-based study to statistically examine this intriguing occurrence, the main objective of Premonitions is to acquire data from a large population of participants from across the globe. Furthermore, if some individuals are truly capable of receiving or accessing this apparently non-local information for accurate prediction of future events, a significant increase in the available sample size should increase the “signal resolution” for the detection of global non-local information.

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ISSN: 2153-8212