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Phenomenological Convergence between Major Paradigms of Classic Parapsychology and Cross-Cultural Practices: An Exploration of Paranthropology

Joey M Caswell, Jack Hunter, Lucas W.E. Tessaro


A new generation of researchers have begun to contribute to the emerging transdisciplinary endeavours of paranthropology. This intriguing area of research unifies methodologies and theoretical perspectives of both parapsychology and anthropology to enhance understanding of anomalous phenomena related to consciousness. Furthermore, by employing a paranthropological perspective, a number of cross-cultural convergences between disciplines are revealed. We begin by summarizing a number of major paradigms typically observed in classic parapsychology, followed by a brief historical overview of the development of paranthropology and its implications for subsequent research. Finally, phenomenological convergences between parapsychology and anthropology are discussed, before a final summary of general conclusions are entertained.

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ISSN: 2153-8212