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Transnational Exploratory FieldREG Investigation III: Statistical Anomalies in a Random Physical System Proximal to Large-Scale Animal Mortality

J. Miguel Gaona, Joey M. Caswell, Lucas W.E. Tessaro, Nicolas Rouleau


A recent series of investigations involving the apparent FieldREG phenomenon have been explored in order to examine potential effects of human emotion, subjective novelty, and a number of anomalous activities on the statistical output of an external random event generator device, with some intriguing results revealed. However, studies in this specific area focusing on animal subjects have yet to be undertaken. Therefore, our objective with the current research protocol was to examine potential FieldREG effects that might be associated with stressed animals located in immediate proximity to the experimental apparatus which produced the random number variations we measured. Specifically, large-scale animal mortality within a slaughterhouse factory was examined for potential influence on the output of a random event generator. A number of intriguing effects were observed, and further theoretical interpretations are explored.

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ISSN: 2153-8212