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Quantitative Support for Water as the Conduit of Interaction for Universal Entanglement

Trevor N. Carniello, David A. E. Vares, Michael A. Persinger


Quantification, supplementing experimental results, suggests a convergence associating the physical properties of water as mediating the relationship between the entire observable set (Universe) and the underlying constituents which construct the entire set (Planck scale). Furthermore, these convergences may necessitate the appropriate parameters required for the initial synthesis of biogenic material facilitating the ultimate genesis of biology. The marked overlap between the energetic equivalents, magnetic field interactions and resulting electric field dynamics associated with the ultrastructural organization of water allows for the possible interaction of an entanglement-type process which is inherently linked to the microscopic (Planck scale) and macroscopic (Universal set) organization of the entire observable set.

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ISSN: 2153-8212