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Cosmic Hierarchies in the Biosphere

Robert Campbell


The hierarchically nested archetypal character of biological evolution is explored from single celled plants through invertebrates and vertebrates to humans by examining how the hierarchical levels reach a resonant balance in the biosphere. It is apparent that human activities are seriously disrupting balances of many kinds in nature. To understand these problems it is necessary to gain an intuitive insight into how the evolutionary process unfolds according to how the cosmic order works. While population pressures place grave constraints on our human ability to meaningfully address the issues we can at least begin to see how humanity has assumed responsibility for the balance of life in the biosphere. Being at the summit of the evolutionary hierarchy the Human Archetype subsumes all life in the biosphere. We can also begin to appreciate a far more meaningful worldview essential to our spiritual survival as individuals as well as to our collective survival in balance with the natural world.

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