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Super-ego & the Neuroscience of Empathy: From Unconscious Wish to Manifest Behavior - A New Human Model

Richard L. Norman


This paper will detail a new model of empathetic dynamism and affect control derived from historical, neuroscientific and psychological perspectives.  The transference from unconscious sources which creates the particular subjective qualitative instantiation of conscious experience is addressed, and a new construction of personality put forward.  In this way the potential endemic ethical basis of human behavior can be specified, and its unfortunate dissociation in the modern case more precisely understood.  A specific example of the unconscious associative attachments of unified personality is then revealed, allowing direct insight into the basis of the hidden formative aspects of the unconscious to conscious transference to be studied in an integrated example.  The startling and hopeful implications of these insights for the human condition are specified.

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ISSN: 2153-8212