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The Manifestation of Consciousness: Beyond & Within from Fundamental to Ubiquity

Contzen Pereira, J. S. K. Reddy


Consciousness being the very source of subjective experience is needed for our life experiences, for the working of our body, to perceive, to cognize, and to express. Agreeing to a fundamental approach for consciousness is more about embracing the true understanding of consciousness rather than avoiding it. Consciousness can, therefore, be located anywhere and everywhere, but in a form that we do not understand until it takes shape within the limits of our reality. Monism related approaches to consciousness are an act to run away from the problems associated with dualism and therefore the need of the hour is a holistic sense of consciousness.  Holistic approaches to understand consciousness opens the doors to many versions of this unique ubiquitous feature that we possess; that we do not understand, and that which gives us the ability to go over and beyond emergence.

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ISSN: 2153-8212