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I Killed a Squirrel the Other Day…

Gregory M. Nixon



The important writings that follow are divided into three sections. The first, Research Essays, are more formal academic essays with generous citing and referencing sources to give credit where credit is due. They are often more cautious in their conclusions, but some of them opened my eyes in wonder. Explorations are just that – more open-ended, less proscribed by academic limitation and thus with the individuality and freedom to let their imaginations soar; yet they remain tethered to logic and well-tested facts (facts not necessarily accepted by mainstream science). The five short pieces in Statements are the result of me asking well-known and widely published authors for their honest opinion on the possibility of some sort of continuing consciousness after bodily death. Instead of research, all they had to do was refer to their previous writings. Their answers were surprising, dealing with everything from spiritual awakening to the real possibilities of revenants or ghosts that can reappear when called to, or into endless new incarnations in Nature. Each piece in Statements is followed by a short biographical note.

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