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Big Bang Spirituality, Life, and Death

Kenneth C Bausch


Taking the Big Bang as the singular source of universal evolution, gives potent contemporary metaphors for understanding spirituality, life, and death.  We can discover the nature of the Universe as we observe that its evolution is radically indeterminate, but manifests tendencies toward connectivity that manifest in self-organizing wholes.  Like a traditional deity, the singularity that existed in the moment before the Big Bang is eternal and timeless. Everything that exists or comes into being, no matter how creative, is a manifestation of that first moment of creation. That the first moment of creation is always happening; it’s happening right now. We (and every other thing) are products of that original creation and our own creativity is an expression of its creativity.  This should comfort us, for it implies that when we lose our personal creativity at the end of our physical lives, we are likely to experience rejoining the original creative force of the Big Bang, just as religious faithful often expect death to reunite them with their creator God.

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ISSN: 2153-8212