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On Masaru Emoto's Experiments with Emotional Imprinting of Water

Matti Pitkanen


Masaru Emoto carried out very interesting experiments with water at critical point for freezing. He claimed that words expressing emotions have effect on the crystals formed in the process. Emoto reports that words with positive emotional contents produce beautiful crystals and those with negative emotional content generate ugly ones. Also music and even pictures are reported to have similar effect. Emoto had also experimented with rice in water and claims that the words with positive emotions content induce a metabolic process known as fermentation whereas those with negative emotional content tend to induce rottening. The experiments can be certainly criticized and people calling themselves skeptics have reacted violently to these claims. TGD inspired theory of consciousness and quantum biology suggests the presence of just this kind of effects and therefore one can make the working hypothesis that the effects are real, and see what the TGD based explanation for them could be. I will consider here the working hypothesis that the effects are real, and develop an explanation  based on TGD inspired quantum biology. The basic ingredients of the model are following: magnetic body (MB) carrying dark matter as heff/h=n phases of ordinary matter; communications between MB and biological body (BB) using dark photons able to transform to ordinary photons identifiable as bio-photons; the special properties of water explained in TGD framework by assuming dark component of water implying that criticality for freezing involves also quantum criticality, and the realization of genetic code and counterparts of the basic bio-molecules as dark proton sequences and as 3-chords consisting of light or sound providing a universal language allowing universal manner to express emotions in terms of bio-harmony realized as music of light or sound. The entanglement of water sample and the subject person (with MBs included) realized as flux tube connections would give rise to a larger conscious entity expressing emotions via language realized in terms of basic biomolecules in a universal manner by utilizing genetic code realized in terms of both dark proton sequences and music of light of light and sound.

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