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Cosmic Perspective of the Beginning

Satinder S. Malik


This paper proposes a theory of evolution of universe. The universe is simple and expanding. New matter is being added to the universe at a sustained rate. Proposition also needed specifying two new dimensions of Consciousness (Intelligence or sentience) and Energy/Matter. The model of this universe aims to explain the expanding nature of universe, shape of objects, and circular motion in space. This model accounts for observations such as the correlation of distance and red shift of galaxies, dark matter, dark energy and the microwave radiation background of the universe. The conclusions of the paper are as follows:

 (a) The evolution of universe is not from one Big Bang but continuous since the beginning.

(b) That the evolution of universe started from absolute zero.

(c) That the principles of Maya (Illusion) can be seen in formation of the wave from naught and formation of elementary particles from waves because of barrier of speed of light.

(d) That there are a number of dimensions and sub dimensions based on attributes.

(e) The universe is not moving radically outwards from its center but moving tangentially outwards from its center in spiral arms.

(f) Consciousness has created nature and by experimentation about nature.

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