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The Total Simultaneity Interpretation

Wilhelmus de Wilde


I argue that Reality is an emergent phenomenon from Total Simultaneity (TS). This emergent phenomenon is to be strictly separated from its underlying structure TS. TS is a concept that can be localised behind the Planck units of space and time and is constituted as the totality of ALL possible emergent realities structured as probabilities (hidden variables). Time is a restriction of our emerged reality, so is space. As ALL time/life-lines of ALL probable (and for us improbable) realities are interconnected inside TS, our own experience of time and space is also interconnected with them through entangled partial consciousness. The what I call Point Zero is the point inside TS from where an agent’s emergent reality experience originates. Past and Future are created there through partial Consciousness. The so called “weird” quantum effects are explained this way. The reference of reference in our emerged reality is this partial consciousness: the I”. The “Splitting up” from the Many World Interpretation is becoming “Jumping towards” another Time/Life-line inside Total Simultaneity. ALL other “worlds” are already existing as probabilities inside TS. This explains the seemingly retro-causality in our emerged reality.

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ISSN: 2153-8212