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Time as a Dimension of Consciousness

Satinder S. Malik


Time flows like a natural phenomenon. The speed of time can be marked by time marker as Speed of light. The speed of time is influences by relative speed of observer, gravity and dark energy. Dark energy is an offshoot of dimension of consciousness. The methodology used is inference driven from various observations, experiences and reference of ancient texts. There are various characteristic speeds of time and at each level there is a different realm. The conclusion which have been drawn are:

(a)    The speed of time is not constant (and therefore also the speed of light);

(b)   The time travel is possible through but not in backward direction;

(c)    Space-Time is an offshoot of consciousness; and

(d)   The age of our part of universe is 216 Billion Years. This is from the beginning of formation of matter in Milky Way galaxy.

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