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The Concept of Post-consciousness & Its Role in Human Behavior

Hashim T. Hashim, Mustafa A. Ramadhan


Post-consciousness is a state of consciousness overlapping consciousness and unconsciousness. This concept of consciousness is developed to explain what is not explained by the other concepts of consciousness, the reaction of a person after committing a mistake. The Study reported here is a cross sectional study involved 112 participants from 25 countries with higher educational levels. We tested them for reliability (Two way mixed effect) and used Pearson correlation coefficient which was significant at 0.01 (R = 0.00). The majority (67%) said that when they committed a mistake or did something wrong, their behaviors changed and became more careful. The majority (85.7%) said that their minds were responsible for these changes. There were not significant differences between age or gender and other variables.

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ISSN: 2153-8212