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Existential Conflicts of Neuroscience: A Brief Analysis of Consciousness

Luiz G. Camelo


Consciousness is an intelligent entity of a higher order. It is creative, dynamic and transformative that interacts with nature. It manifests itself through your “semi-material mind” which is the “perennial model” of your biological brain. Throughout its existence, endlessly, it shaped its own body to interact with matter. This interaction is done through your "psychic body", semi-material, which we call Psychosoma. It is a fluidic body that reduces high frequency vibrations that comes from Consciousness. This body at the moment of fertilization of the egg by the sperm expands and takes the form of a Human Being, whose vibrational interaction takes place molecule-by-molecule until the final modulation of your body. It is indeed a morphogenetic field. It is feasible for science only to discover the intelligent effects of Consciousness through its neuronal correlates, located not only in the brain, but also throughout the body. For example, neurotransmitters are the first neuronal correlates categorized by science. In fact, they are not found in images or in specific areas of the brain. Does anyone really believe that neurotransmitters are produced only in the brain?

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