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Consciousness & Instrumental Astronomy

Bidyut K. Sarkar


Complex Möbius field (CMF) may be demonstrated as a self-organising hypothetical cognitive model based on rotationally invariant Möbius topology. CMF is homologous to fermionic field. This structurally represent collection and processing unit along the nesting sequence extending from tuning electron of Macroscopic Quantum System (MQS) to the whole universe. MQS exist in finite sensory association space only as by-product if supported by diffeomorphic absolute motor wing. The later along with polar axis or Central Null Space (CNS) represent structureless and formless dynamic Euclidean field. Unknown or diffuse past and unknown or diffuse future are both in future. Highest global diffuse information near polar ends of absolute motor wing is crossed periodically to polar antennae of sensory wing as current local ones. Diagonal FD (Fractal Dimensionality) windlasses are the natural tools acquired ontogenically by MQS have the strength to decode the above diffuse current information into workable consolidated signals in the form of local past (+Q) and local future (-C). Finally, this information is processed at BN (Bosonic Null) in equatorial zone of processing electron. Nevertheless, CMF is a complete field has the potential to explore unresolved issues common in both consciousness and instrumental astronomy.

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