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Is Meditation the Source of these Micron-sized Particles?

Pradeep B. Deshpande, Dustin R. Cummins, Mahendra Sunkara, Bhaskar D. Kulkarni, Swathi Sunkara


In a paper not long ago, we presented the analysis of a tiny particle found at the meditation site of a medical doctor turned yogi in Goa, India, reporting that the micron-sized particle was made of pure Gold [2]. We presented a theory of resonance to explain how these particles might be forming if in fact they were the result of meditation and therefore an instance of materialization of energy/intentions. The yogi’s group subsequently provided us with additional micron-sized particles, this time of different colors, which have now been analyzed and the results are summarized in this paper. To synthesize  these particles by routine chemical means would require a sophisticated R & D facility operating under the command of a complex advanced control and optimization system neither of which exists the reported sites. This allows us to strengthen the hypothesis that meditation may well be the source of these particles.

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ISSN: 2153-8212