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ISS Theory: Cosmic Consciousness, Self, and Life Beyond Death in a Hyperdimensional Physics

Chris H. Hardy


The Infinite-Spiral-Staircase Theory (ISST) posits a hyperdimension of consciousness populated by faster-than-light, high-energy, sub-Planckian sygons pervading the pluriverse. This HD is in fact triune, a braid of hyperspace (Center, C), hypertime (Rhythm, R) and consciousness (Syg, S), topologically organized as a double phi-based golden spiral set on a double BlackHole- WhiteHole Kerr system. Within the Terminal Black Hole of a parent universe, all matter-systems are translated into pure CSR information or syg-fields steered by the sub-quantum sygons; and through the White Hole at the origin, these syg-fields are translated back from virtual sygons into post-Planck particles and matter systems, still retaining the sygons as a 5th dimension at their core. ISST builds on the Semantic Fields Theory (SFT) in modeling a semantic layer of organization in all systems—their syg-fields (semantic fields) ranging from proto-consciousness to self-consciousness. As human beings, our mind or consciousness is our global syg-field, organized in dynamical networks and steered by syg-energy—the sygons (Hardy 1998, 2001, 2003). The ensemble of all syg-fields form the cosmic CSR hyperdimension of consciousness, as a gigantic hologram, self-conscious and evolving.

Positing a consciousness-HD layer in the universe leads to envision a new paradigmatic stand in philosophy as well as in physics. The syg-HD operates clearly beyond-spacetime and is a beyond-matter layer (thus in accord with dualism); yet, given that consciousness-as-process is steered by the sub-quantum sygon particles, the syg-HD is definitely a blend of energy and mind (as in monism/materialism). Thus ISST reframes the mind-body split in a complex dynamical network systems’ framework, as a consciousness HD existing at a sub-quantum scale in all matter systems (thus setting a type of panpsychism), and also as a bulk in its own CSR-HD region.

At the scale of the pluriverse, the spacetime regions of specific universe-bubbles are constantly birthed and then die. The HD preexists and survives to these matter regions in the BH-WH double spiral, and pervades them during the life of a universe.

In a consciousness-HD (syg-HD) framework, consciousness and our mind—the syg-field—operate mostly via the HD, and only a small part of our syg-field is branching into the brain’s neuronal networks. It is because the Self and the mind belong to the syg-HD that they instantiate psi capacities, high meditation states, and some independence from spacetime. In this framework, death is just the severing of links to the brain-body and the Self, at death, becomes fully independent from the body and enjoy (in the HD layer) the same intelligent, creative, and individualized capacities as when embodied, yet with greater psi capacities.

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