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Lal, Nadeem, none (United Kingdom)
Lapointe, Andrew, Transnational Anomalies Research (Canada)
Lapointe, Andrew, Neuroscience Research Group Human Development Program Laurentian University Transnational Anomalies Research (Canada)
Laterza, Vincenza
Lavallee, Christina F.
Lehman, Brendan S. (Canada)
Levi, Daniel (Italy)
Levin, Tamar, Tel Aviv University (Israel)
Levin, Tamar, Tel Aviv University, Israel (Israel)
Lindhard, Tina, International University of Professional Studies (Spain)
Liu, Lei, Dezhou Universtiy (China)
Lonetree, Ben (United States)
Lucas, Rui Freire
Lundy, Anthony N. (United States)
Lyng, Nikolai (Norway)

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