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Campbell, Robert, None (Thailand)
Caponigro, Michele (Italy)
Caputi, Daniel, UC Davis (United States)
Carniello, Trevor N. (Canada)
Carniello, Trevor N., Consciousness Research Laboratory, Behavioural Neuroscience Program, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario P3E 2C6 (Canada)
Caswell, Joey M, Transnational Anomalies Research (Canada)
Caswell, Joey M. (Canada)
Caswell, Joey M., Neuroscience Research Group Laurentian University Transnational Anomalies Research (Canada)
Caswell, Joey M., Transnational Anomalies Research (Canada)
Cecil, Michael (United States)
Chao, Kenneth K. (United States)
Chao, Kenneth K., Deere & Company (United States)
Chopra, Deepak (United States)
Christianto, Victor, Malang Institute of Agriculture, Indonesia (Indonesia)
Cichowski, Roland, Independent Researcher (United States)
Close, Edward R. (United States)
Coates, Breena E., California State Universty San Bernardino (United States)
Cocchi, Massimo, Dept. of Med. Veterinary Sciences, Univ. of Bologna, Italy (Italy)
Colinas, Francisco, Transnational Anomalies Research (Spain)
Conte, Elio, Professor, Dept. of Neurological and Psychiatric Sciences, Univ. of Bari, Italy (Italy)
Conte, Sergio
Cook, Roger (United States)

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