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Baer, Wolfgang NMN, Nascent Systems Inc. and Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA (United States)
Baer, Wolfgang NMN (United States)
Baer, Wolfgang NMN, California Institute of Integral Studies (United States)
Barbee, Gene H. (United States)
Bartholomew, Bradley Y., Independent researcher (France)
Bartholomew, Bradley Y., Independent researcher (Australia)
Baruss, Imants, King's University College at The University of Western Ontario (Canada)
Bausch, Kenneth C, Institute for 21st Century Agoras (United States)
Beamish, Peter, Ceta-Research Inc. (Canada)
Bermanseder, Tony (Australia)
Bhavsar, S. N. (India)
Bhavsar, S. N. (India)
Bhutkar, Rajesh (India)
Bhutkar, Rajesh G., Independent Researcher (India)
Biase, Francisco Di, World Information Distributed University - Belgium Geraldo Di Biase University - Brazil Dept of Neurosurgery- Neurology and Brain Mapping Clinica Di Biase, Brazil (Brazil)
Bindeman, Steven
Bocardo, Enrique F., University of Seville University of Pune Sometimes Cambridge University (Spain)
Brackett, Donald, Independent Cultural Journalist, Writer, & Curator (Canada)
Brazdau, Ovidiu, Consciousness Quotient Institute (Romania)
Breslauer, Sam, Independent Researcher (Australia)
Breslauer, Sam (Australia)
Bricklin, Jonathan, Independent Scholar (United States)
Bryan, Ronald, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Texas A&M University (United States)
Budimir, Milenko, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio (United States)
Burke, Ryan C., Neuroscience Research Group Biology Program Laurentian University (Canada)

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