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Sahner, David, Aeneas Medical Consulting, LLC
Saint-Mont, Uwe, Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
Saint-Mont, Uwe
Salem, Kamel B., Department of Computer Science, University of Tunis El Manar, Tunis, Tunisia (Tunisia)
Santacroce, Nunzia (Italy)
Saroka, Kevin S. (Canada)
Saroka, Kevin S.
Saroka, Kevin
Schenberg, Eduardo (Spain)
Schouborg, Gary, Independent Researcher (United States)
Scott, Mandy A. (Canada)
Scott, Mandy A.
Sekhar, D. M. R., Wharton Overseas
Sellers, Julia (Czech Republic)
Seward, Paul N., None (United States)
Sharkie, Matt (United States)
Siddanagowda, G. R., Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Mangalore Institute of Technology and Engineering, Mangalore (India)
Smarandache, Florentin, Dept. Mathematics and Sciences, University of New Mexico, Gallup – USA (United States)
Smetham, Graham P. (United Kingdom)
Smetham, Graham P., Independent Researcher (United Kingdom)
Smith, Stephen P., Visiting Scientist, Physics Dept, U.C. Davis
Smith, Stephen P., Visiting Scientist, Physics Dept., UC Davis (United States)
Sorli, Amrit S., Scientific Research Centre Bistra (Slovenia)
Sosteric, Mike, Athabasca University Athabasca, AB Canada (Canada)
St-Pierre, Linda S.

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