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Gibbs, Philip E., Ph.D., Independent Researcher (United Kingdom)
Gillespie, Gary, Northwest University, Kirkland, WA. USA (United States)
Gillett, Grant (New Zealand)
Giroldini, William, Evanlab (Florence) and Italian Association for Psychical Research (AISM) (Milano) (Italy)
Glasberg, Ronald P., University of Calgary Calgary, Alberta Canada (Canada)
Globus, Gordon, University of California Irvine (United States)
Globus, Gordon, , Prof. Emeritus of Psychiatry & Philosophy, Univ. of California Irvine (United States)
Goodman, Maurice, Technological University Dublin (Ireland)
Goodman, Maurice, Dublin Institute of Technology
Grandy, John K., Whitestone Consulting LLC, Fort Drum, NY and North Country Urgent Care, Watertown, NY. (United States)
Green, Lorna, Independent Scholar (United States)
Gregl, Tadej
Gruza, Sy, none (United States)
Grynnsten, Henry
Guertin, Pierre A., Dept. of Psychiatry & Neurosciences, Laval University, Canada (Canada)
Gulino, Grazia (Italy)
Gullapalli, Sarma N., Retired (United States)


Habe, Katarina, Faculty of Education, Univ. of Maribor (Slovenia)
Hadley, Mark, University of Warwick (United Kingdom)
Halvorsen, Einar L., Freelance (Germany)
Hankins, Peter, Conscious Entities (United Kingdom)
Hardy, Chris H., Eco-Mind Systems science (France)
Hari, Syamala (United States)
Hari, Syamala D. (United States)
Harp, Steven (United States)

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