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Nixon, Gregory M., University of Northern British Columbia (Canada)
Nixon, Gregory M., Ph.D., University of Northern British Columbia (Canada)
Nixon, Gregory Michael, University of Northern British Columbia (Canada)
Norman, Richard L., Independent Researcher (United States)
Norman et. al., Rich, Professor, Dept. of Neurological and Psychiatric Sciences, Univ. of Bari, Italy (Italy)
Nunn, Chris, JCS (United Kingdom)


O'Nualláin, Seán, University of Ireland (United States)
Oktar, Cebrail H., Histroy of Science Society (United States)
Oliver, Alan J, Independent Researcher (Australia)
Oliver, Alan
Oliver, Alan J., Independent Researcher (Australia)
Oliver, Alan J.
Ortiz, João P.L.


Pacini, Henrique, Department of Energy Technology, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden (Sweden)
Pal, Himangsu S., Independent Researcher (India)
Pantaleoni, Giancarlo (Italy)
Pederzoli, Luciano (Italy)
Pereira, Contzen (India)
Pereira, Contzen, Independent Scholar (India)
Pereira Jr., Alfredo, São Paulo State University, Botucatu (Brazil)
Pereira Jr., Alfredo (Brazil)
Persinger, Michael A., Laurentian University (Canada)
Persinger, Michael A., Professor, Laurentian University (Canada)
Pessa, Eliano (Italy)
Pitkanen, Matti, Ph.D., Independent Researcher (Finland)

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